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He says some pretty cool things about making the new standard for learning 1005 “work until it is done right”


Also, not having to train kids to use the ipads…..they just knoew


One Transformed Classroom – YouTube.


Zunal webquest

Great webquest site that my coworker Meagan found!

Read this for grad school….great explanation of project based learning!


You can use this to watch YoutTube videos without all the extra stuff……This would be great for showing these in school because it would prevent anything questionable from coming up on the screen in front of students!


ViewPure – Videos without clutter.


Check it out!

Internet Safety

Maybe we can use this and have the students look into the links and create something based on what they learned!


Internet Safety.

Here are some ideas about ePortfolios for students.  The plan is to have my students do this over the coarse of the school year using iWeb.

via E-Portfolio Project |.

Maybe we can show this to our students?


Google Docs Spreadsheet “Word Cloud” to Analyze Student Survey « I Speak Math.

I want to try this out!